gatineau-park.jpgMAKE IT A REAL PARK!

Gatineau Park for everyone, forever.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the extraordinary biodiversity of Gatineau Park. This beautiful wilderness has 118 rare or endangered species, numerous wetlands, and 50 lakes!

Many people are surprised to find out that Gatineau "Park" is a park in name only and it does not have the permanent legal protection provided to "real" national parks. As a result, portions of the park have been sold or used for housing development, the construction of shopping centres, and the creation of new roads.

Gatineau Park has the potential to become a core protected area within a much larger region that protects natural ecosystems and maintains viable populations of all native species. It is important that the lands surrounding the Park are properly managed to allow for corridors and connections with other natural areas.

Help us show decision-makers that Canadians want to make Gatineau Park a real park!

Did you know:

1. Gatineau Park is one of the most visited parks in Canada; 

2. Gatineau Park is home to about 90 endangered plant and 50 endangered animal species; 

3. The boundaries of Gatineau Park are not recognized in Canadian law; 

4. Sections can be removed or sold from the park without parliamentary review or approval.

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We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call for legislation giving Gatineau Park the necessary legal protection to ensure its preservation for future generations.