Engaging Networks Academies User Policy

This User Policy covers the security and use of the Engaging Networks Academy websites https://client.engagingnetworks.academy and https://agency.engagingnetworks.academy (‘the Academies’) and is applicable on a worldwide basis.

We want the Engaging Networks Academies to be a positive safe space for clients and business partners to learn how to make the most of the Engaging Networks platform. This means that all users of the Academies are required to agree to abide by this User Policy.

The Academies Access Control – Individual’s Responsibility

Access to the Academies are by request only. All requests for access will be approved or denied at the sole discretion of Engaging Networks. Access to the Academies are controlled by the use of User IDs, passwords and/or tokens. All User IDs and passwords are uniquely assigned to named individuals and consequently, individuals are accountable for all actions on the Academies website.

By accessing the Academies users agree not to:

  • Use the Academies website for the purposes of harassment or abuse

  • Use profanity, obscenities, or derogatory remarks in Academy communications.

  • Upload, send or receive any data (including images), which Engaging Networks considers offensive in any way, including sexually explicit, discriminatory, defamatory or libellous material.

  • Use the Academy, it’s forums or messaging systems in a way that could affect its reliability or effectiveness, for example distributing chain letters or spam.

  • In any way infringe any copyright, database rights, trademarks or other intellectual Property including imitation or passing off of the Academies.

  • Use the Academies website to harm or negatively impact Engaging Networks’ business.

  • Allow anyone else to use their user ID/token and password on any IT system.

  • Leave their Academies user accounts logged in at an unattended and unlocked computer.

  • Use someone else’s user ID and password to access the Academies

  • Leave their password unprotected (for example writing it down).

  • Give or transfer the Academies data or software to any person or organisation without the explicit written permission of Engaging Networks

Any breach of this User Policy may result in the suspension of your Academies account(s). In addition Engaging Networks reserves the right to revoke access to the Academies for any user at any time for any reason.


We may send you regular e-mails to help you get the most out of the Academies but only if you have opted in to receive such e-mails. If you no longer want to receive such e-mails from us, please follow the "Unsubscribe" instructions at the end of every email that we send out, or contact us at  [email protected]

If you unsubscribe, we will remove your email address from our Academies Updates list. Please allow us a reasonable period of time to do this, as some promotional campaigns may already be underway. Note that organizations that sponsor or co-host our webinars and events may also receive attendees' contact information. For details on how an event Sponsor may use the information you provide, please contact the Sponsor directly.

Please note that we may still contact you with system emails relating to access to your Academies account or other transactional system related information whilst you are a member of the academies. If you’d like your access to the Academies to be removed please contact our support team at [email protected]

Data Retention

Members with an account in the academies that have not logged in for 12 months will be sent an automatic email advising they have 14 days to log in or inform us they wish to keep their account open otherwise we will close their Academies account and remove all their data from the Academies. At the end of this 14 day period we will remove their account and their associated data in its entirety from the Academy if they haven’t logged in or otherwise contacted us back to say they want to keep their account. Once an account is deleted from the Academies we cannot restore any information or re-activate related to the deleted account, and users will need to re-register and start their progress from scratch if they wish to start using the Academies again.

Links to other websites

Engaging Networks' website and the Academies may contain links to websites not affiliated with us. Your use of an external website or any informational content found on an external website is subject to and governed by the terms and conditions of such website. Engaging Networks does not endorse or make any representations or warranties concerning, and will not in any way be liable for, any informational content, products, services, software, or other materials available on an external website, even if one or more pages of the external website are framed within a page of Engaging Networks' website or within a page in the Academies. Engaging Networks is not responsible for the privacy practices of any external websites.

Notification of changes

If we make any changes to this user policy, we will notify our members and users via email or by posting the changes on our website. We reserve the right to modify this user policy at any time, so please review it frequently. Any amended user policy will apply to personal information previously collected. If at any point we decide to use personally identifiable information in a manner different from that stated at the time it was collected, we will notify users by way of an email.