Be Open and Be a Friend

We want everyone to make a commitment to break down barriers to an equal society for every person who has a learning disability. Our members think that the best way to do this is for people to get to know each other better – to see a person, not just a learning disability. To be open and be a friend. 

#BetheChange is supporting people who have a learning disability, our Change Champions, to deliver workshops across Scotland. #BetheChange gives people who have a learning disability a platform to share their personal stories and raise awareness of unacceptable bullying behaviour and practices.

Our Change Champions would be delighted to deliver a workshop to a group in your community.

We being all of our resources to you using our innovative 'Workshop in a Bag' which we leave with you so that you can continue using the workshop.

We use a film designed by our Change Champions and a range of fun and thought provoking activities.

Our workshop aims to introduce learning disability and people who have learning disabilities in a relaxed and fun way – allowing people to gain a better understanding of one another. By the end of our workshop your group will:

  • Have met Change Champions who have learning disabilities
  • Have gained a better understanding of what life is like with a learning disability
  •  Have a better understanding of difference and that everyone is different and this should be celebrated
  • Be able to identify misconceptions about learning disability which give rise to prejudice based bullying
  • Be able to ask questions in a safe and respectful way leading to greater understanding
  • Understand how bullying behaviours, particularly abusive language, impacts on real people who have learning disabilities
  • Reflect on their own behaviours
  •  Take tangible action to #BetheChange in their own sphere of influence

If you would like further information about the workshop then please register your interest below.




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