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Take Action: Ask your MP to fight so Canadians with diabetes can access the Disability Tax Credit

This October, JDRF's President & CEO Dave Prowten addressed members of Canada's Standing Committee on Finance on behalf of Canadians with type 1 diabetes. Since May 1st, the vast majority of adults with type 1 diabetes have been denied the tax relief under the Disability Tax Credit (DTC).

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) no longer believes that adults with diabetes qualify unless they have other chronic conditions. The agency is rejecting diabetes claims despite people’s physicians having certified that they spend more than 14 hours a week on their insulin therapy.

JDRF and Diabetes Canada met together with CRA officials who agreed to put diabetes applications currently under review on hold for the time being. However, no commitments were made and there’s no resolution as yet.

JDRF continues to advocate on behalf of all Canadians living with type 1 diabetes. We are solutions oriented and committed to working with the government and Parliamentarians to resolve this issue.

Write to your MP today. Ask them to help restore this much needed tax relief.

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