Syrian boy stranded on rocks

Canada: Increase Refugee Resettlement

Refugees are ordinary people forced to flee war, violence and persecution in their home countries and who remain in urgent need of life-saving assistance and protection. Today, there are 22.5 million refugees worldwide with over one million of them in need of resettlement. But less than one percent of refugees will ever get a chance to be resettled.

Only refugees whose life, liberty, safety or health are at risk in the country they are currently living in are considered for resettlement to a third country like Canada. Just take Nasser and Shamsa Alrajab and their five children for example.

Three of Nasser and Shamsa's children are severely disabled, living with a neuromuscular disorder. Nasser himself suffers from a brain injury. Meeting their medical needs in Lebanon, where they were living in exile after having fled Syria, was next to impossible. This is why resettlement to a country like Canada was the best way to save their life.

Last year, Canada resettled a record 46,700 refugees. This year, 25,000 refugees like the Alrajab family were resettled. Canada has an exceptional history of welcoming refugees who have contributed to the diversity and richness of Canadian life. Unfortunately, at a time of record-high levels of forced human displacement, resettlement spaces around the world are decreasing. Canada's humane leadership is needed now more than ever.

Let's continue this spirit of compassion and altruism and continue to increase the number refugees identified by UNHCR as in need of resettlement to be brought to Canada.

Please join us in our appeal to the Canadian government. Tell them you want Canada to continue to stand in solidarity with refugees by increasing the number of vulnerable refugees it will admit in 2018.