Stop the Mauà Community eviction

Over 200 families face eviction from their home in São Paulo. Children and vulnerable residents, who have lived in the Mauà building for 10 years, are in danger of being left homeless on the streets.

The situation is urgent. Following a recent court notice, families face being forced out of their homes by police at 6am, 21 November. CAFOD’s partner APOIO tells us that the only hope is to put pressure on political authorities to step in and stop the eviction.

CAFOD supporters in England and Wales have stood beside the Mauà Community for many years. They need your help again in their struggle for safe housing.

Please add your name to our petition asking the Brazilian authorities to suspend the eviction and to negotiate a just, permanent solution.


CAFOD supporters standing up for the Maua community

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I stand with the 237 homeless families of the Mauà Community in São Paulo Brazil who are facing eviction on 21 November 2017.

I ask:

  • that the relevant judges suspend the injunction for the eviction of the 237 families;
  • that the Mayor of São Paulo negotiates a peaceful solution that offers adequate protection and decent housing for these low-income families. This solution should uphold the rights to housing and basic services guaranteed to them in the Brazilian constitution and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, of which Brazil is a signatory. 


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