Ask the government to get behind renewed peace process in the Holy Land

On Good Friday, March 30, 2018, local citizens in Gaza came out in peaceful protest at the Gaza border. This was part of the 'March of Return', a six-week protest to demand the return of Palestine refugees.

Israel's deployment of tanks and snipers in the protest led to the deaths of 17 protestors, most of whom it is reported were unarmed. One further protestor has been reported to have died from injuries sustained that day.  While Israel invoked its right to protect its borders, the use of snipers against unarmed civilians is a grave concern and a violation of international law which distinguishes between civilians and combatants.

The situation is unsustainable. It is CAFOD partners' view that suffering, injustice, violence and war will only end when occupation and the closure of Gaza end. Read more in this briefing

Please email your MP and ask them to call on Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, to put the UK government's weight behind a renewed peace process.

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