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#Divers4Makos - Help end uncontrolled mako shark fishing now!

The shortfin mako is an exceptionally vulnerable shark species prized for meat, fins, and sport. Makos cross entire ocean basins and yet there are no international limits on their catch. Because of the importance of diving in Egypt, South Africa, and the US, we’re targeting officials from these countries to champion the cause.

This November, ICCAT will face new scientific advice on the status of makos, and a critical opportunity to protect Atlantic populations from overfishing. Add your name and sign the petition.

We call on ICCAT Parties to heed the science and ask Egypt, South Africa and the US to lead the way toward securing a ban on landing Atlantic makos before it's too late. It's make or break time for makos. Please step up now.



Join scuba divers around the world who want to put an end to uncontrolled mako shark fishing.