UK Government: Get a grip on PIP

Target: 35,000

Many people with Parkinson’s are losing the long-term support they were awarded under Disability Living Allowance (DLA). This money helped them manage the significant extra costs of the condition and stay independent.

The broken Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment process, which replaces DLA, fails to understand that Parkinson’s only gets worse.

People with Parkinson’s deserve better.

The UK Government needs to protect people with Parkinson’s from stressful PIP assessments and the risk of missing out on money they urgently need.

Sign our petition to call for the UK Government to get a grip on PIP.


To: The Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work 

DLA has been a lifeline for thousands of people with Parkinson’s - an unpredictable, lifelong condition that only gets worse.

Please protect people with Parkinson’s from losing this vital support by automatically transferring them to PIP if they currently receive high-rate or long-term DLA awards.