Ask the government to get a grip on PIP

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a benefit designed to help disabled people manage the extra costs of their disability.

When PIP works it works well in providing vital financial support to disabled people, but new research by 80 disability charities has found that for too many people, PIP isn’t working.

When it fails people find it stressful, that it makes their condition worse and that it leaves them struggling financially.

Most MPs aren’t aware of the significant problems with PIP.

Please write to your MP to give them the facts about PIP and ask them to contact the Minister on your behalf.

Fill out the form to the right to be taken to an email to your MP.

This is a Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) campaign. As a member of the consortium Parkinson's UK is hosting this action and the data from that campaign. Parkinson's UK will merely store that data and manage that data on behalf of the DBC, if you opt in to receive more information about PIP campaigns. 

If you opt in you will receive future updates regarding PIP from Parkinson's UK via DBC. 

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