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The Pope meets refugees

War, persecution, natural disaster and poverty force millions of people from their homes. Most come from poor countries, and seek safety in poor countries nearby.

We cannot turn away. These are human beings with hopes, fears, desires and stories to share, just like each one of us.

Pope Francis has declared this time a ‘unique opportunity’ for us to press our governments to make global commitments which place the human dignity of people on the move at their heart. Add your voice to his. Sign the petition today.

Petition to the Prime Minister 

Inspired by Pope Francis’ special concern for people on the move, we urge Britain to play a leading role in the forthcoming global compacts on migration and refugees.

We urge you and other world leaders to develop a united, global response which:

  • respects human dignity
  • protects the vulnerable
  • supports host countries
  • keeps families together
  • tackles the reasons why people migrate.