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Did you know, the UK Government spends just two per cent of our international aid budget on water, sanitation and hygiene? People living without clean water or decent toilets are much more likely to be sick, and children are less likely to get an education, so increasing this investment would transform the lives of the world's poorest  people, helping families thrive and communities prosper. Your MP can help by writing to the Secretary of State for International Development, Priti Patel, and asking her to increase this expenditure.

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Mariane's story

We didn't really realise that the water we drank was so dirty and made our children sick until we got safe clean water from the pump. You can see the difference even just by looking at the colour of the water.

Knowing that from now on my children will grow up with clean water makes me motivated to work harder to support them. Baby Angelo is very lucky compared to his older brothers and sisters. He is healthier because he isn't growing up with dirty water. Life is less stressful now because I no longer have to worry about what my children are drinking behind my back because I know that they're drinking safe water.

Angelo loves going to fetch water with me at the water pump so I take him with me when I go. I would love to see him becoming a doctor when he grows up. That would be really make me proud. Seeing my children happy and healthy is I think the best and happiest thing for me as a mum.

Photo credit: WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala, Madagascar

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