Prosecute illegal rodeo cruelty at the Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede rodeo is spectacle of trauma and violence, causing immense animal suffering. Chuckwagon races, calf-roping, bronco riding, and steer wrestling events subject animals to physical pain and psychological torment. Sensitive horses, cows, and calves are lassoed, wrestled, or roped to the ground. These unwilling animal participants experience pain, injuries, fear, and sometimes death. The 2017 Stampede has already claimed its first victim: A horse who was injured while being forced to pull a chuckwagon, and later killed by his owner.

It's illegal under Alberta provincial law and federal criminal law to inflict distress and suffering on animals. Yet local authorities have failed to lay charges even for the most extreme abuse. A competitor disqualified in 2015 for excessive horse whipping got away scot-free. Charges weren't even laid after a bull was repeatedly kicked in the head in 2013 to force him to perform.

Rodeo events couldn't exist without inflicting distress. Animals don't 'perform' because they want to; they run because they are afraid. If dogs or cats were treated this way, charges would be laid immediately. Please call on the Calgary Humane Society to prosecute illegal animal cruelty at Calgary Stampede rodeo events.





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