Will your MSP support a pay rise for doctors in Scotland?

Fair pay for doctors in Scotland

For two years the medical profession has worked tirelessly, with huge impact to their personal lives, all to keep patients safe during the pandemic. For many years before that, doctors have been under huge pressure in an underfunded and understaffed system. We know that morale is low and stress and burnout is all too common among doctors and having a damaging effect.  The NHS is facing a backlog that will takes years to clear, and in the face of severe staff shortages, these extraordinary pressures are set to continue.  In order to retain the doctors we desperately need to help NHS recovery, this year’s pay award must be seen in the context of years of sub-inflation pay rises for doctors, which has led to considerable real terms pay erosion for many and a feeling that what we do is not valued, appreciated or fairly rewarded. 

All doctors deserve a fair pay rise, which is why this year we are asking for a pay award this year of inflation plus 2%. Even this would only be the first step towards pay restoration after the years of pay erosion we have seen. However, if the Scottish Government refuse this then it is not just the medical profession that will suffer, it is the wider NHS and, most importantly, patients.  Failure to do so, would risk losing more doctors and undermine any serious attempt to address lengthening waiting lists.

You can read more about BMA Scotland’s evidence to the DDRB in our chair, Dr Lewis Morrison’s, recent message here.

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MSPs respond much more positively to letters that include their constituent’s personal experience and concerns. Here are a few examples you may wish to include:

  • Experience or knowledge you have of how a less than satisfactory pay uplift will impact the profession
  • If you are more likely to consider early retirement or move
  • If you are worried about recruiting to a certain service/ area
  • Your concerns that the impact colleagues leaving the profession will have on services

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