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Enabling everyone in Australia to be part of change in Tibet

Thank you for standing with the people of Tibet. 

Like you, I find it hard to imagine how it would feel to be prevented from leaving my neighbourhood, my town, or even my country.  We don’t live in fear of violent repercussions for taking part in a religious ceremony or a peaceful political protest but Tibetans do. 

Our work for Tibet is sustained by regular donations from people like you who want to help create a better future for the Tibetan people. By becoming a Voice for Tibet, your support ensures the Australia Tibet Council’s ability to continue our work for Tibet, month-to-month, year-to-year, without interruption.

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Voice for Tibet has three categories, all of which include ATC membership plus other benefits listed below. All categories also include twice yearly 'V4T' exclusive Tibet Talks (online), led by our Executive and Campaigns Officer, Kyinzom Dhongdue - who is also the elected Australian Member for the Tibetan Parliament in Exile. Each Tibet Talk will comprise of an update on the Tibetan issue, our current projects and, from time to time, a presentation by a special guest eg: a former Political Prisoner.

'Member' ($5 to $24 monthly donation)
ATC Membership.

'Yak' ($25 to $49 monthly donation)
ATC Membership and a beautiful, Tibetan inspired, colour Wall Calendar.

'Potala' ($50 and above monthly donation)
ATC Membership, two beautiful Tibetan inspired colour Wall Calendars and an ATC T-shirt.

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