E-mail your MP about civil service pay and the cost of living crisis

The government has announced a pay remit for this year of 2%. They did this at a time that inflation is at 9% and rising and energy bills have doubled for most people. We can not afford another real terms pay cut. We have rejected this pathetic pay remit but we need to pressure the government via MPs to significantly increase it. This attack on our pay comes at a time that the government is still withholding money that is owed to members of the civil service pension scheme. A cut in employee contributions, that’s now worth more than £1,000 for many, should have been brought in 3 years ago, but this government has ripped up the rules meaning they now won’t make any refund to scheme members.



The further disgraceful announcement to the press by Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg that they are seeking to cut 91,000 civil service jobs has been condemned by PCS and many others. Now MPs have launched a move in Parliament to oppose it by tabling Early Day Motion 60. In the attached email to MPs we are asking them to support us by signing this EDM.

E-mail your MP below and share your anger at these attacks on our pay and pensions to ask them write to the Minister on your behalf.