Will your MP support a pay rise for doctors in England?

For two years, doctors have endured unbearable conditions under extreme pressures. Yet with the NHS facing chronic under-funding, a backlog that will take years to clear and the need for 50,000 more doctors, these pressures are only set to continue. Against this backdrop, the suggestion that doctors should receive only a 2% pay uplift this year is nothing more than an insult and will come as a cruel blow to the thousands caring for patients in their surgeries and on the wards. 

The workforce crisis puts patient safety at risk. With a worldwide shortage of doctors and continued cuts to doctors’ pay and the value of their pensions, the UK risks losing staff to better paid jobs overseas. It's simple - without fair pay for doctors, the NHS won’t be able to recruit and keep the doctors it does have, creating even more problems for patients. 

All doctors deserve a fair pay rise. It is time for Ministers to wake up to the reality that their choices are setting the NHS up for an even greater crisis than it already faces. 

We need your help now more than ever to make sure that MPs understand doctors’ concerns.

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