What's your vision for the future?

Imagine if our wetlands were restored so they were not only brimming with wildlife, but also protected our towns and cities from flooding; or if farmers were paid to produce food whilst also providing homes to thriving populations of birds, insects or mammals.

Imagine if all children had safe, green spaces to play, clean air to breathe, and a healthier more secure future to look forward to.

Imagine what we could achieve if nature were at the heart of Government, communities and businesses!

We're in the midst of huge political change. The UK Government has published a European Union (Withdrawal) Bill (also known as the 'Great Repeal Bill') that will end our membership of the EU at the same time as ensuring all the laws we live by today remain in force. It is vital that the strong environment and nature laws we have will stay in place.

This is an important time for your voice to be heard. Please contact your MP and remind them of their crucial role in defending our environmental laws, and ensuring they are not left vulnerable to future change.

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