Stop the DWP office closures and job losses

The DWP announced on 17 March 2022 plans to close 41 DWP processing offices. In 13 of the sites staff have been offered no alternative DWP site to continue their careers in. In the remaining 28 sites many staff will be required to make long journeys to remain in work. These closures were followed by a further announcement on 30 March to close five jobcentres. The decision to close these sites puts thousands of DWP staff at risk of redundancy, many in deprived communities already damaged by government cuts.

PCS members at these DWP sites are responsible for processing benefit payments and ensuring that some of the most vulnerable people in society receive their benefits payments.

As essential workers these PCS members have worked throughout the pandemic to ensure the safety nets provided by the government function properly.  In a time of crisis PCS members on the threatened sites have assisted citizens in avoiding destitution.

PCS is demanding that the DWP reverses its decision to close the offices or finds other suitable accommodation in the communities that these offices are currently located. Stop the DWP, the government department for employment, from creating unemployment by emailing your MP today and inviting them to a PCS briefing on 8 June.