Email your MP to protect DWP jobs and services 

On 17 March, the DWP announced plans for mass office closures, claiming that the they are not about reducing headcount or cutting jobs and that their aim was to redeploy everybody. However, in the region of 1,000 members of staff are already at risk of redundancy in 25 of the 29 sites where 1-2-1s have been completed.  


There are a further 14 sites that have yet to begin the 1-2-1 process, which PCS believes could identify similar additional numbers of staff at risk. Added to this are similar numbers of fixed-term appointment Work Coaches whose contracts are due to end at the end of June. This is at a time when the DWP is struggling to deliver the service effectively, with many areas experiencing backlogs of work.   


On 16 June staff at risk of redundancy were told that a voluntary redundancy scheme is being launched for those who are at risk of redundancy as a result of the office closure programme following 1-2-1 interviews. 


PCS does not accept the DWP rationale for closing these offices and do not feel that enough effort has been put into identifying redeployment opportunities for staff whose offices are closing. 


DWP could avoid any job losses if it were to offer working from home as a redundancy avoidance measure. Not only has the department refused to do this, but it seems happier to offer exit packages to staff rather than retaining their experience by allowing them to work from home.   

Stop the DWP, the government department for employment, from creating unemployment by emailing your MP today to oppose these job cuts.