Ask the Brexit Opportunities Minister to use EU-exit to take a lead in animal-free chemical safety tests

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP wants to hear from you

In an open letter, the new Brexit Opportunities Minister has appealed to the British people to get in touch and let him know how he can seize opportunities now that the UK has left the European Union.

Will you write to the Minister and ask him to seize the opportunity to build a humane system for managing chemicals?

The UK currently retains the EU’s chemicals legislation – a regime known as REACH, which relies heavily on toxicity tests on animals and is slow to take on board new animal-free test methods. But leaving the EU means we have an opportunity to do better.

We believe there are more humane and effective ways for the UK to protect humans and the environment from chemicals than crude tests on animals. The UK’s chemicals management system could and should be better for animals than the one it replaces. The UK Government has a pivotal opportunity to now lead the transition to animal-free chemical safety testing.

The Government has promised time and again that Brexit would be an opportunity to lead the way on animal welfare and strengthen animal protection standards. Will you write to the Brexit Opportunities Minister and ask him to keep this promise and make sure that UK chemicals laws are better for animals?

You can use our quick and easy tool to email the Minister.

Thank you for all that you do to stand up for animals in laboratories.

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