Donate today to help save refugees.

4,000 KM for the Refugees and Orphans of War.

I am fundraising for UNHCR—to support refugees who need our help!

My name is Tarek Riman, I am a Canadian-Lebanese, Founder and CEO of Cap.TaiM (, (Montreal Tips), (, and monthly donor to UNCHR. 

This year I am intending to go on a 4,000 KM bike trip around Europe to show my support for the refugees by raising awareness and donations for their needs.

Why is this cause important to me? I feel everyone in life deserves a chance to create a better life for themselves and their family. With everything happening in the world right now, I feel we need to take steps to support those who may feel unwelcome when trying to create a new home away from home.

I am in a situation to help and would like to do so.

The reason I chose the UN, is because I feel they help without judging your religion, skin color, gender or anything for that matter. They are there to genuinely offer support where needed.

How am I planning to raise money and awareness for this cause? I will be sharing this journey across all social channels, blogs, and global magazines. All money will go directly to the UN.

Me and the Bike: My main method of travel is by bike (I traveled 15,000 KM in 2016). I traveled across Eastern Canada and most of Western Canada. I also biked 3,000 KM across France, Spain and Portugal last summer. 

Trip For the refugees map

 Previous Bike Trip In Europe


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