Engaging Networks Export Service

Use this service to export your eactivist data to an output type of your choosing. This service can be called by submitting a standard HTML form (see below for an example) to the URL https://e-activist.com/ea-dataservice/export.service. The service can also be called by a standard HTTP GET method passing in the parameters described below.

NEW: See export services tab in dashboard for ways to customize the export service.
Server: cac1-prd-web1

HTML Client

Parameter Name Parameter Value Required Format
token Yes
startDate Yes MMDDYYYY
endDate No (default is yesterday's date) MMDDYYYY
type No (default is CSV) CSV/XML/StandardXML/StandardCSV/CSVHeader/StandardCSVHeader
user data export group No
config types No Only return particular transaction codes. Example : FCS,FCR,FIM or DCF etc.

Java Client

A more useful way to call this service is to write a client application in the language of your choice. For an example of a client application that is written in Java that calls this service, click here.