We are currently updating this action

Thank you to everyone who has already supported our campaign for standard cigarette packs. Your action has made a huge difference!

On 21 January 2015 we got some fantastic news. The Government is bringing regulations before Parliament so that MPs will make a final decision on new laws for standard cigarette packaging, before the General Election.

If voted through, the move would force tobacco companies to remove the slick marketing from their deadly products, with all packs becoming uniform in size, shape and design with large picture health warnings. 

We can see the finish line, but our campaign isn’t won just yet. If you want to know more about the recent Government announcement and next steps for the campaign please read our blog.

We don’t need you to email your MP right now. The regulations will need to be voted through Parliament - so when it’s most timely to mobilise ahead of a vote, we will update this page and call our e-campaigners to action.

For now, please share our two powerful campaign videos on social media to remind people why we need standard packs:


Video shows why standard cigarette packs are a positive step forward for children’s health: http://bit.ly/XFV03z Please RT #packetracket

Let’s give all kids one less reason to smoke: http://bit.ly/1e4qk5g Help end the #packetracket - please retweet