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Petition to help victims of child sexual exploitation reaches 30,160 signatures.

Remember they are children

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Image (courtesy of Getty Images) is of a model.

"My name is Lucy. I’m a character that has been created to protect the identity of the real children’s stories I’m going to represent.

I’m 13, but my story has happened to children younger and older than me.

I went to court because I had a chance to see the man who sexually exploited me punished for what he’d done. But in the courtroom I was made to feel like the abuse I experienced was my fault.

They said that because I look mature for my age, men could easily think I was old enough to have sex. 

They also said that I seduced him! That I agreed to it all. But I only had sex because he tricked me into it, promising to care for me. I trusted him because he was older but he abused my trust and hurt me.

Why couldn’t the court remember that I’m a child and I can never truly agree to being sexually exploited?"

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This petition is now closed