Brazil’s animals are in very serious, very immediate danger.

The ONLY nationwide law making animal cruelty a crime is under threat, affecting all pets and all farm animals. Please help ensure it is not overturned!

A bill seeking to revise current law by decriminalizing cruelty to “domestic or domesticated animals” has been put before Brazil’s National Congress.

Some politicians view animal protection as inconvenient, rather than essential for a compassionate society. They are campaigning hard for this bill. We need your help to ensure that animal cruelty remains a crime in Brazil.

If the proposed bill is passed by Brazil's National Congress:

  • Brazil will have no nationwide penalties for animal abuse, meaning cruelty to dogs, cats, horses and many other species will have no consequences.

  • Animal lovers and advocates who report a dog being beaten or a horse being starved will see little or no action taken. These acts of cruelty and more will no longer be criminal offences throughout Brazil.

  • Animal welfare will be set back by decades. The potential for animal suffering to increase is horrifying.

To date, over 65,000 Brazilians have contacted Brazil's National Congress to protest the bill. We believe international pressure will add huge weight to their actions.

This is a case where you really CAN make a difference

We are lucky to live in a country where we can confidently say animal cruelty is wrong, and more than that: it has nationally applicable consequences.

Please help ensure Brazil can continue to say the same.  

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