Sign the petition: Tell Congress not to sell "Our Wild" to the highest bidder

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Sign the petition to tell our elected officials not to sell Our Wild for development.

Throughout the West, there is an ugly movement to give parts of our national forests, parks, refuges and other wild areas to the states. If this happens, beloved recreation lands can easily be sold to mining, oil and gas and other development.

This movement has reared its head in state legislatures throughout the West and even in our U.S. Congress. 

In 2015, the U.S. Senate voted to pave the way for selling tracts of our national forests, wilderness areas and wildlife refuges to states that are eager to open them up to sale or lease for oil and gas drilling, mining and logging, jeopardizing public access.

This move only furthers a disturbing trend in the war on our public lands.

We must stop this madness before it takes hold.



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