Last year, for the second time in 10 years, the government of Alberta committed to developing a series of plans that would ensure the future of Alberta’s struggling caribou herds. The Little Smoky and A la Peche herds, located in West Central Alberta near Grande Prairie, are first on the list, but discussions about the two plans have already gone on for more than year. 

Meanwhile, despite a moratorium on new oil and gas leases, new roads and other infrastructure continue to be built where the Little Smoky herd lives. The Little Smoky herd already faces the highest loss of their habitat in the entire province – 95% of their home has been disturbed by roads, seismic lines, oil and gas well pads, and forestry cut blocks, leaving them literally nowhere to hide. 
The government continues to cull wolves in the Little Smoky herd’s range to stabilize the population– a management practice that scientifically questionable -- but the real problem in the herd’s range, habitat loss, must be addressed!

The Little Smoky and A la Peche plans must be completed and must include concrete actions to conserve and restore caribou habitiat. Without a comprehensive plan these caribou herds will not survive. Addressing habitat needs is also required to have a plan that can be supported by the federal government. 

Take Action: 

Write to Premier Rachel Notley and Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, reminding them that, despite the seriousness of the situation, it is not too late to take action!

The state of caribou and their habitat requires that there be no more delays – the Alberta government must take action in the small and highly damaged Little Smoky range, and show leadership for the sake of all caribou herds in Alberta, many of which are in equal if not greater danger. Being a global leader in environmental performance requires that serious, immediate action is taken!

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  • Hon. Minister of Environment - AB
  • Hon. Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta
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