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Netflix gone in a flash

Can you still access international Netflix? 

Have you worked out how to play Netflix US, UK, Canada or any other service? Let us know how. CHOICE will test your method and let other Australians know. 


Help us tear down the geoblocking wall!

Netflix has announced it will be blocking Australian subscribers from accessing its international libraries of content.

Many Australian Netflix subscribers will be downgraded from accessing the thousands of titles on US Netflix to the much smaller Australian library, missing out on TV shows and movies they could previously watch.

We know that Netflix is successful in Australia because of its US content. It took advantage of that to build an Australian subscriber base of 340,000 people before launching here officially. It's unfair of Netflix to be baiting and switching consumers like this. 

We're asking you to help us find a way around the geoblocking wall. Can you still access overseas Netflix libraries? How are you doing it? 

Tell us what's working for you, and we'll compile a how-to for less savvy consumers out there.

Also tell us what's not working, and we'll add that to our guide. 

We just want to access content at a fair price, at the same time as the rest of the world. If you agree, help us get there!

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