Minesing Wetlands Dragonfly Count

Minesing Wetlands, Ontario

Tuesday July 1, 2014
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Closest place: Angus, Ontario


Hine’s emerald. Ebony jewelwing. Summer azure. While this might sound like a jewelry catalogue, these are all entries on the Minesing Wetlands dragonfly list! These are just a few of the many species you could see during the 2014 Minesing Wetlands Dragonfly Count.

All participants will be teamed up with an expert to learn about dragonfly identification, biology and conservation, and help to collect valuable data about the dragonfly diversity of Minesing Wetlands. Sign up now to meet the flying gems of the wetland!

Special Features: Minesing Wetlands is a provincially and internationally significant wetland, and provides habitat to over 400 species of plants, 200 species of birds, and a diversity of other terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. Minesing Wetlands is also home to the endangered Hine’s emerald, a dragonfly that has not been observed anywhere else in Canada.


Contact Jennifer at ontario@conservationvolunteers.ca

ON - Minesing Wetlands Dragonfly Count (Photo NCC).jpg

Volunteers at the 2013 Dragonfly Count event at Minesing Wetlands (photo by NCC).

NCC would like to thank their partner the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority for their ongoing stewardship support in the Minesing Wetlands.

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