While educators and parents believe there is an urgent need to address the negative consequences of over-testing, there is a lack of action from both districts and the state board of education—who are both pointing blame for over-testing in the other direction. We need legislators to guarantee more time is spent on learning instead of testing.

Help us ensure that 98% of the school year is reserved for instruction by urging your legislators to support The Less Testing, More Learning Act of 207 (House Bill 461/Senate Bill 452), which would set a 2% cap on the amount of instructional time that could be used annually for mandated standardized testing. The bill was passed by the House of Delegates on February 28 and by the Senate on March 16, but the two versions need to be reconciled before the bill can become law.

Last year, this legislation passed unanimously in the House of Delegates, but stalled in the Senate, which wanted to see if the problem could be fixed by a state commission studying over-testing. Districts have largely ignored the commission’s recommendations, allowing the status quo to continue—with yet another school year of test after test for students.

The time to reduce over-testing is now, and we’re almost there. Please urge your legislators to support HB 461/SB 452 and make sure it crosses the finish line so Maryland will take concrete steps to scale back over-testing.

Please fill out the form below to email your legislators with your personal story of how testing impacts your students and school and urge them to make sure this bill receives final passage this year. You will need to click the submit button twice to send letters to both the Senate and the House.