Email the Board of Education

During their May 6 work session, in a misguided effort to balance the FY16 operating budget, the Board of Education unanimously voted to slash $10.6 million from the salary resource pool. This decision leaves only $3.6 million in the resource pool to fund salary increases for BOE employees. If money is not restored to the salary resource pool it will be impossible for the Board to fund even a step increase for the fifth time in seven years. FCPS employees deserve better. Another year of falling behind in the ability to recruit and retain the best educators is bad for students and the community.

Educators are tired of doing more with less and deserve to be fairly compensated for the challenging work they do. FCPS employees must send a strong and clear message to the Board of Education that their employees do not support this decision. We must contact the Board of Education before they vote this month on the final 2016 budget. Together let’s tell the Board “enough is enough” and hold them accountable to fully fund the salary resource pool for the 2015-2016 school year.

What can you do?

  • Take immediate action! Fill out the form below to contact the Board of Education and demand restoration of funds to the salary resource pool. The next page will display a sample letter you can edit or send as is.
  • Show solidarity with your colleagues! Wear black to work on Wednesday, May 27.

  • Go to and demand that the Governor release the $3.3 million in GCEI funds desperately needed by FCPS.