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Between the years of 2005 and 2009, salaries and wages for Anne Arundel administrators, teachers, and support staff became competitive after many years of lagging behind. Since 2009, the elected leaders of Anne County have provided the school system with only the minimum lawfully allowed allocation (Maintenance of Effort). Since the onset of that practice, those who teach our students and support that instruction have experienced furloughs, freezes in salaries, and concessions in health care. On the infrequent occasion that an increase was funded, it’s been nominal.  We have local education employees that are 4 to 6 years behind their colleagues in surrounding counties in step increases. In negotiations, they agreed to modify the health care plan structure taking better advantage of physician discounts, eliminating redundant coverages, phasing out the most expensive plans, and assuming a little more of the premium burden. They anticipated that type of collaboration might free some resources to become competitive once again. They have been disappointed and disheartened that their efforts have gone if not unrecognized, certainly unrewarded.

Students are being injured as well. Class sizes are steadily increasing. Joined by unfunded mandates, excess testing, and far too many meetings, the work load is driving greater numbers of educators to leave the career, leaving vacancies that are becoming more difficult to fill with well-qualified candidates in light of our diminished competitive recruiting position. Anne Arundel County’s professional school counselors, pupil personnel workers, school psychologists, and other related service providers carry caseloads two and three times those recommended by their respective professional associations, leaving their student populations underserved.

If the County Executive and County Council continues to allocate nothing more than Maintenance of Effort – the minimum lawfully allowed – every component of our school system will continue to deteriorate. 

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