Let Turkey know the world is watching, demand they release Taner Kiliç immediately

People have taken action!
Please lend your support,
before it's too late.
People have taken action!
Please lend your support,
before it's too late.
People have taken action!
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Demand justice for Taner Kiliç

He has been unjustly jailed and charged in a crackdown on human rights defenders.



On January 31st we told you that our dear colleague Taner Kılıç had finally been released after 8 grueling months in jail. We said this because it's what the court ruled. But while Taner's family excitedly waited for him to walk out of prison and into their arms, he was re-arrested and taken back into custody. The case continues in a local court on February 1st.


This is hugely upsetting and disappointing - and completely unacceptable.  

Now we need to come together, to show our strength and power. Please email the Turkish Minister of Justice now demanding Taner is freed.

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To:  Mr. Abdulhamit Gül, Minister of Justice, Republic of Turkey 

Dear Minister,

Yesterday, the court ruled that Taner Kılıç would be released, following eight months in jail.  

However, just as Taner’s family waited for him to walk out of jail, he was re-arrested. There is no new evidence against him, and treating him and his family in this manner is not only unjust - it is cruel. 

I am writing to you now urging you to make sure the court’s order to release Taner is respected, and that he is freed immediately. 

More than a million people around the world have called for the release of Taner. And we will not stop until he is free.

Defending human rights is not a crime.