US-led coalition killed entire families, instead of just targeting the Islamic State.

Call on the USA to take responsibility for the annihilation of Raqqa



Recently, the US-led coalition has publicly accepted responsibility for all civilian deaths documented in our latest report into the aerial bombardment of Raqqa, but more clarity is necessary.

“The Coalition’s response points to the importance of site visits and in-person interviews as part of any credible investigation. We will be urging the Coalition to systematically do their own more meaningful investigations in the future, ensure full accountability for violations, and provide compensation and assistance to the victims who have suffered so tremendously from the assault on their city.” Daphne Eviatar, Amnesty International USA’s Director of Security with Human Rights.

Last year, the US-led Coalition killed entire families in Raqqa, a city in the North East of Syria. Urge the US Minister of Defence to properly investigate and provide justice for the victims.

In June 2017, the Coalition - including the US, France and UK - launched a military operation to oust the armed group calling itself the Islamic State from Raqqa.

But instead of just targeting 'Islamic State' fighters, they caused the deaths of hundreds and injury of thousands of civilians, and destroyed much of the city.

Our researchers visited Raqqa, and reported a level of destruction beyond anything they have seen in decades of covering the impact of wars. Homes, private and public buildings and infrastructure were reduced to rubble, or damaged beyond repair.


Despite the Coalition’s insistence that ‘there has never been a more precise air campaign in the history of armed conflict,’ hundreds of civilians were killed by the aerial bombardment. Our evidence shows that several Coalition attacks violated international humanitarian law.

Hundreds of civilians were killed in Raqqa. Families just like ours. You can demand truth and justice for them and their loved ones, and make sure their lives are not forgotten.

Demand the U.S-led Coalition recognize the scale of civilian lives lost in Raqqa, properly investigate airstrikes that killed civilians, publish all their findings, and provide reparation for the victims.

By serving justice for those who were unlawfully killed in Raqqa, we can help make sure that similar crimes do not happen again in the future.

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Dear Secretary Mattis,

I am writing about the chilling news of hundreds of civilian lives lost in Syria’s city of Raqqa as a result of airstrikes carried out by the US, British and French forces during the US-led Coalition operation against the Islamic State (IS) armed group between June and October 2017. 

I am deeply concerned and moved by this news, and hence, I call on the U.S-led Coalition to ensure that:

-Coalition airstrikes which caused civilian casualties in Raqqa are investigated in a timely manner and that the details concerning these strikes are published, including dates, times, locations, weapons used and intended targets;

-Where investigations reveal unlawfulness, member states hold the responsible parties accountable;

-Mistakes and the scale of the loss of civilian lives and destruction of property resulting from the US-led Coalition strikes on Raqqa is publicly acknowledged;

-Reparation, including compensation, is provided to victims and their families.

Entire families were devastated by US-led Coalition strikes on Raqqa. These are civilians and families just like ours; they deserve answers, justice, and reparation.

Yours sincerely,