No more cuts to disability benefits

As the General Election approaches, we're asking the next Government to protect disability benefits from further cuts.

Add your name to our open letter to tell Party Leaders how vital financial support is for disabled people.

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Dear Party Leaders

We write to urge you to protect disability benefits from further cuts in the next Parliament.

There are more than 13 million disabled people in the UK, who spend an average of £550 a month on costs related to their impairment or condition. Many are already finding it difficult to manage these additional costs of living with a disability. As well as the costs to the individual, there are huge costs to the UK economy as disabled people are not supported adequately when out of work, and often need to rely more heavily on health and social care services as a result.

Financial support is vital for disabled people and their families. It allows people to get out of the house, enter and stay in work for longer, pay their bills, spend time with friends and family and fulfil life goals.

We are asking for your commitment that you will protect disability benefits should you form the Government after this election.
Removing the threat of further cuts to financial support is crucial. It will give disabled people the security and stability they need to live independent lives and take part in society.

Yours faithfully,




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