Let's Kiss Goodbye to MS together

All over the world people like you have puckered up to help Kiss Goodbye to MS. Now it's our turn.

Are you ready to kiss goodbye to a favourite luxury or worst habit to fund MS research this May?


Why we do it

Over 100,000 of us in the UK have MS. It’s unpredictable, and different for everyone.

For Karen, rushed into hospital and diagnosed when she was 24, it can be scary. She thought she might not be able to have a family.

Fast forward fifteen years and it's a different story. Karen lives a full life with her partner and two lovely children. And it's all thanks to research funded by people like you.

This is her journey.



Kiss goodbye to...


Ditch the drinks

Bye bye booze, hello new you.

Who needs wine anyway? Give booze the heave ho this May and help fund vital MS research.Β 


Give make-up the brush off

Are you a blusher addict? Would your friends recognise you without your war paint? Dare to bare this May and raise funds to stop MS.