Why should you sign your support?

You can help us achieve recognition and protection of animals around the world by signing your support for our campaign to achieve a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare at the United Nations.

Animals and our treatment of them are important.
Because you care, tell your government that animals matter to you.

The campaign

A global approach to animal protection

Help us achieve global recognition that animals matter, that they can feel pain and can suffer and that we have a responsibility to put an end to cruelty around the world. Your signature will let governments worldwide know a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare is vital for animals.

Improving animal welfare can also improve the welfare of people relying on these animals. Over a billion people directly depend on animals around the world for their livelihoods. People look to animals for companionship as well, and in many cases animals are considered part of the family.

For a global problem you need a global solution. Agreement on the importance of an issue affects people's attitudes, and people's attitudes affect their actions. A Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare will have a real, long-term impact on the welfare of billions of animals worldwide.

Celebrity support

Spread The Word

Involve your family and friends

If you know anyone who cares for animals like you do, please ask them to sign for the Declaration too. Every signature can help transform the lives of billions of animals around the world.

Spread the word

How can I help

Support animals in need today

You can help animals today by telling family and friends to spread the word about animal welfare, or by donating to WSPA. Every dollar donated represents a gift of hope for an animal in need.

That’s why our generous supporters are the key to helping animals in all corners of the globe achieve lives free from fear, abuse and exploitation.

As it takes time to find long-term solutions for many animal welfare problems worldwide, joining WSPA Animal Rescue with a regular monthly donation of $30 or more is an excellent way you can help create lasting change for animals.

Your regular donation gives WSPA the financial resources and the time to build and establish sanctuaries to rehabilitate rescued animals, lobby governments to create legislation that outlaws cruelty to animals and change attitudes to animal welfare through education. Your generosity will also provide emergency relief when disaster strikes.

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