Tourist Attraction or Unacceptable Cruelty?

Every September, in the Spanish town of Tordesillas, a bull is chased into the countryside, tormented with spears and then stabbed to death during the Toro de la Vega fiesta. Unbelievably, this cruel and unjustified spectacle is honoured with Spanish tourism status.

Now campaigners in Spain opposed to the fiesta have requested the that the local Council of Culture and Tourism revokes the event's status as a Fiesta de Interés Turístico  (Fiesta of Tourist Interest).

Each year thousands of bulls die in Spain in the name of entertainment and tourism.

Events where animals are tormented or killed should not be treated as tourist attractions. Let’s make it clear to politicians that these terrible spectacles repulse us, not attract us.


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Cruelty is not a tourist attraction

“I will never attend an event at which a bull is tormented or hurt in order to entertain people."

"Cruel bull fiestas and bullfights are of no tourism interest to me, and events that include animal suffering should never be honoured with tourism status awards."

"I call on politicians in Spain to stop allowing these terrible events to take place."