"I pledge to not buy items made with or from wild animal parts, to not purchase live wild animals as pets or for any other purpose, and to not patronize facilities that keep animals captive under inhumane conditions."

Don't Buy Wild! 
¡No Compres Vida Silvestre! 

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Don't Buy Wild

The illegal wildlife trade is a multi-billion-dollar industry--third in generated revenue behind only the illegal drug and arms trades--that threatens the survival of many species and results in the mistreatment or death of countless animals every year.

Please be a compassionate shopper (including online) and avoid purchasing items like ivory trinkets, turtle shell products and exotic leathers. You may also come across attractions that keep animals captive in inhumane conditions. Some places even sell wild animals as pets.

The best way to protect wildlife is to keep a watchful eye on its use in tourism, shopping and dining. Realize that many wildlife products for sale involve cruelty.

Take the Don't Buy Wild pledge and learn more about how you can avoid contributing to animal suffering.


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