Urge the Cayman Turtle Farm to make sea turtle welfare a priority

The image of a sea turtle swimming gracefully and peacefully in the open ocean is a familiar one. These beautiful creatures are generally solitary animals, spending their lives traveling far and wide through the open ocean – a far cry from their living conditions at the Cayman Turtle Farm, a breeding operation and tourist attraction in the Cayman Islands. It is difficult to imagine wanting to confine such animals to tiny, overcrowded enclosures, slaughter them for their meat, or allow tourists to handle them as they please, apparently often without any supervision. But this is what visitors and animal welfare experts report finding at the Cayman Turtle Farm.

We have joined forces with the World Society for the Protection of Animals to persuade this park to change its ways. Sign our petition today asking the owners of the Cayman Turtle Farm to stop slaughtering sea turtles and improve the welfare and living conditions for the animals in their care. Please fill out and submit the form below to add your name in support of this effort.

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Subject: Improve conditions for sea turtles


Some of the sea turtles at the Cayman Turtle Farm live in tiny concrete tanks—where overcrowded conditions and contact with humans render them prone to injury and disease.

In the wild, sea turtles migrate thousands of miles through the open ocean - a stark contrast to the way they spend their lives at your facility. Allowing tourists to handle these potentially sick, injured or stressed animals is unacceptable. And slaughtering the turtles for human consumption is counterproductive to the educational and conservation message you try to impart to your visitors. We sincerely hope that you will improve living conditions for these endangered animals and, rather than slaughter them for their meat, focus on true conservation and education.

Thank you for considering this important request.