Take the Pledge to Stop Puppy Mills

Puppy mills, also known as puppy farms in some places, are large-scale operations that force "breeder dogs" to produce litter after litter to support consumer demand for purebred pets.

These puppies are sold in pet stores or over the Internet, storefronts that mask the suffering, disease, malnutrition, and loneliness of puppy mills. Even the puppies themselves are prone to a variety of illnesses. Some die within days or weeks of purchase.

Most people are unaware that when they buy a puppy rather than adopt, they are often supporting a cruel and inhumane industry. By choosing not to buy your next pet or any pet supplies from retail stores or Internet sites that sell live dogs, you are directly helping to end this cycle of cruelty.


Sign our pledge

You can help stop this suffering. Please sign our pledge to stop puppy mills! Simply read the pledge below and then fill out the form with your information. Click "Submit" when finished.

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I pledge to help end this cycle of cruelty by:

--Choosing not to buy my next pet from a pet store or Internet site

--Refusing to buy supplies from any pet store or Internet site that sells puppies

--Supporting stronger federal and provincial laws to stop puppy mills from operating in Canada