Changing the conversation about food poverty and hunger

In October we asked our supporters around the country to hold a Big Conversation on how we solve hunger in the UK. One thing that came back loud and clear is that there is a strong mood to see change. People think that the government must act, and that no one should be forced to rely on charity.

Our next aim is to change the conversation. We want to do that by strengthening the voice of those around the country who have front line experience of tackling poverty and those who want to end hunger. We want our government to change policy, and we want our activists to help achieve that.

The next stage in our campaign will be to build and strengthen active groups in cities and towns across the country in June. We want to set up meetings in the first two weeks of July where constituents talk to MPs about holiday hunger and the broader aims of our campaign.

In preparation we are looking for people to organise training events around the country in June. The events will build skills in local groups so they are ready to lobby MPs and talk to the press about our campaign. The events will be volunteer-led, although we will provide information, guidance and advice to help you, and they should take no more than two hours. They will involve a discussion about the causes of poverty and workshops about how to convince people of our cause. We are hoping to hold them throughout June in accessible venues (e.g. churches).

If you offer to help, we will be in touch to send out our campaign training pack and offer advice. We would be grateful if you could let us know the times and date of next conversation training events you organise, and we’ll try to publicise it more widely.

If you can help and want to be involved, fill in the form to let us know!