Call on the UK Government to fix Universal Credit to prevent more people going hungry

We all rely on the welfare safety net being there for us in times of financial stress or hardship.  But Universal Credit is currently failing in this task.

In areas where Universal Credit has been rolled out, foodbanks and other food aid providers report a surge in the numbers of people pushed into greater debt, destitution and hunger as a result of delays, errors, a lack of flexibility and adequate support. 

Please call on the UK Government to fix Universal Credit now!

  • - Download a petition sheet and collect signatures in your food bank, church or project.
  • - Use the form on the right to add your own name online now!

Call on the Prime Minister for:

  • - Urgent action to improve the flexibility and support for people on Universal Credit.
  • - Improvements to Universal Credit, to ensure it does not leave more people at risk of debt and destitution.
  • - A long-term commitment to ensure Universal Credit provides people with enough income to afford good food on a regular basis.

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