Children should have good food 365 days a year. Tackle holiday hunger now!

Coping with the school holidays pushes many families into food poverty and insecurity. While many children from low-income families are entitled to free school meals during term time, there is currently no such provision during holidays. A recent report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger found that as many as three million children faced the risk of food insecurity this summer.

In Wales, the Assembly Government has launched a national ‘Food and Fun’ programme to address holiday hunger. The Westminster government needs to follow suit, and take responsibility for ensuring that children have access to good food on the 170 days a year when they are not in school.

A 'Holiday Food Provision Bill' has its second reading in Parliament on 19 January. We need as many MPs to support it as possible. Please ask your MP to help make sure children have good food 365 days a year.

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