Call on your government to grant 10 days of paid leave for those dealing with family and domestic violence

The Liberal government has introduced a Bill, C-65, which will grant 10 days of unpaid leave to victims of family violence every calendar year. Victims need this time to attend to ongoing medical, legal, emotional or housing needs and often can’t afford to lose pay.

Ask the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour Patty Hajdu to amend Bill C-65 to permit 10 days of paid leave per calendar year for victims of domestic violence.

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Ministre de l’Emploi, du Développement de la main-d’œuvre et du Travail

The Honourable Patty Hajdu
Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6


Subject: Improve leave for family violence victims

Dear Minister Hajdu:

I support your efforts to help victims of family violence. As you know, domestic violence doesn’t stop when victims come to work. Often the abuse occurs at or near the workplace, including abusive phone calls or text messages, stalking or harassment. 

Victims also need to attend to ongoing medical, legal, emotional or housing needs. And the financial burden that moving or accessing resources means that they can’t afford to miss their pay.

That is why I am writing to ask you to amend Bill C-65 (An Act to amend the Canada Labour Code (harassment and violence), the Parliamentary Employment and Staff Relations Act and the Budget Implementation Act, 2017, No. 1) to provide 10 days of paid leave, not unpaid leave, for victims of domestic violence. 

Providing unpaid leave will help victims keep from losing their jobs but paid leave will help them seek the help they need, attend medical appointments, relocate or meet with lawyers and police, etc., without the additional burden of loss of pay.

I urge you to propose and support this amendment and seek the support of the Liberal caucus. Thank you.

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