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Together, we have an amazing opportunity to protect wilderness right across Canada. We’ve identified 6 specific, critical nature sites from coast to coast to coast that urgently need our protection.

Your single action today can help save a wide range of stunning spaces, rich ecosystems and beloved species.

Nature Canada has set an inspiring goal to raise $75,000 by Canada Day and take swift action to save these critical wilderness areas forever. Join us in our Year of Action and make a special gift today!

Here are the special sites and why they matter to us, why they will matter to you and why they matter as part of Canada’s spectacular natural heritage!

Establish a National Marine Conservation Area: Southern Strait of Georgia SouthernStrait Landingpage.jpg

  • • one of the world’s most biologically diverse temperate marine ecosystems
  • • crucial habitat for over 3,000 marine species like Seals and Orcas, the world’s largest Octopus and hundreds of species of waterbirds

Working in Partnership with First Nations:
North French River
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  • • one of Canada’s 38 designated heritage rivers—a traditional route of travel for First Nations people, major channel for the Voyageurs
  • • home to threatened Common Nighthawk and Boreal Caribou, a Canadian symbol and one that thrives off land minimally touched by human impact 

Canada’s Only Pocket Desert: Create South Okanagan Similkameen National Park


  • • saves 2 endangered ecosystems—dry bunchgrass grasslands and open ponderosa pine forests
  • • home to 56 species at risk including species found nowhere else in Canada like Lyall’s Mariposa Lily and Flammulated Owl

Expanding Canada’s Urban National Park:
Rouge Valley 


  • • includes vital restoration of native ecosystems in the Greater Toronto Area, home to 1,700 species of plants and animals and a vast network of wetlands, marshes, and Carolinian forests
  • • fantastic opportunity to connect kids and Canadians of all ages with nearby nature 

Grasslands: Establish Govenlock National Wildlife AreaPrairie Grasslands.jpg

  • • 85% native grassland, the most vulnerable ecosystem in Canada
  • • home to 13 species at risk including Sage Grouse, Swift Fox and Burrowing Owl
  • • helps fight climate change by storing carbon 
             You can help us raise $75,000 by Canada Day. 
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True North Strong and Green: North Arm, Great Slave Lake, NWT (Dinàgà Wek’èhodì)


  • • home to species at risk including Woodland Caribou, Wood Bison, Wolverine, Short-eared Owl and more
  • • key habitat for Tundra Swan, staging site for migratory birds in spring and fall