We will not be silent: send a letter in support of Zhang Kai today.

We recently held 24 hours of prayer for Zhang Kai, a Christian human rights lawyer who is being detained without charge in China. He has spent the past six months in detention and could face years of imprisonment for his work on human rights cases in China, particularly his defence of Christians and other religious minorities.

Zhang Kai knew that this was the price he would pay. He was imprisoned and tortured before, in 2009. Shortly before he was detained, Zhang told a friend “I’ve made up my mind: the most they can do is jail me. But if I stay silent, I’ll regret it my whole life.” 

Zhang did not stay silent. Neither will we. That’s why we’ve created a letter for you to send to the Chinese embassy.


By Praying, protesting, providing and proclaiming, individuals and churches are helping to make religious freedom a reality. Please join them and get involved!

Mervyn Thomas,
Chief Executive, CSW