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Stop the bedroom tax hurting disabled adults

Thanks to people like you, our supporters, the Government has listened and announced that it is changing its policy on the issue of the ‘bedroom tax’ for children. However, we still need your help.

The new rules, starting in April, affect people living in housing association or council housing.  People judged to have spare rooms will lose on average £728 per year from their Housing Benefit – or face having to move somewhere smaller.

While families with a disabled child who needs a separate bedroom will now be entitled to this, 420,000 disabled adults in the UK still remain at risk.

For example, the rules will have an impact on a couple where one person has a disability, and needs a separate bedroom. For example, this might be because the individual needs medical equipment in the room during the night, leading to disrupted sleep to their partner.

This needs to change.

Tell Prime Minister David Cameron to stop and think. Tell him to stop discriminating against disabled people.