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One bullet. Two lives.

Scotland is a global guardian of seals – 40% of the world’s grey seals are found in Scottish waters. But despite this privilege these magnificent creatures receive scant legal protection from the Scottish Government. Scotland permits the barbaric practice of shooting seals (even during the breeding season). These seals may be pregnant or have recently given birth to dependent pups. Helpless, orphaned pups are left to slowly die of starvation, suffering a lingering death over a number of weeks.

That one single bullet has the potential to end two lives. One bullet. Two lives.

However you and I can make a difference NOW. Please give a donation to the LOOK OUT for SEALS campaign and the ongoing work of Advocates for Animals. The Scottish Government is about to introduce a Marine Bill for Scotland and we want to ensure greater protection for seals is included in this Bill. A gift from you will ensure Advocates for Animals can run a public awareness and education campaign highlighting the plight of Scotland’s seals and secure time with MSPs and key decision-makers to ensure they hear the voices of our supporters. With your support, I know we can make a difference in engendering respect and compassion towards animals and ending this senseless slaughter on Scottish shores.

Take action to protect Scotland's seals

We have an opportunity to influence change, to help Scotland's seals. Send an email to the cabinet minister to let him know that you want full legal protection for these beautiful creatures.