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Sign Plan’s petition so girls can escape early and forced marriage and stay in education

Aneni was just a child when she was forced to marry a stranger, shattering all her dreams for the future. By 12, Aneni had given birth to her first child. Every 2 seconds a girl like Aneni is forced or coerced to marry – some as young as five years old. This can end their chance of completing their education and put them at greater risk of isolation, violence and death in childbirth.  

No girl should be forced or coerced to marry. Every girl should have the opportunity to complete her education and make choices about her future. With education, skills and the right support, girls can transform their lives and the world around them.

Sign Plan's petition today. You will be supporting the UK Government’s Secretary of State responsible for overseas development - to increase its current effort to end early and forced marriage.


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